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Thomas Huber
Thomas Huber

where I work
I am a lecturer in the Computational Biology and bioinformatics Environment, a DETYA Science Lectureships program in Computational Biology, housed within the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre. I started there on January 15 2001.
phone: +61-7-3365 7060 fax: +61-7-3365 6136
Department of Mathematics
The University of Queensland
Brisbane Qld 4072
Research Interests/Random Projects
  • Protein structure prediction in cases where there is no sequence homology to any known structre
  • Low resolution force fields / scoring functions
  • Algorithms to effectivly search or sample conformational space

More details about my research you can find at my list of publications and my list of current and open projects. You may be also interested in notes to lectures I recently gave or snoop through an extra page with stuff of interest to me.
And of course, check out our Bioinformatics web services.


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Computational Biology and bioinformatics Environment 
The University of Queensland
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